Black Designers You Should Be Following

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Just when I was in the process of writing I a blog post on luxury designers and does it matters if your wear authentic or inspired pieces, Gucci creates some controversy by displaying their new Balaclava sweater on their website in resemblance of black face.

Later, scrolling through instagram, I have come to find out that Prada has a whole black face figurine hanging off purses and just last week Burberry sends a garment down the runway in resemblance of noose around the neck. I get it, fashion is a form of expression, but how many times is our black history going to be a joke? Granted that many of the luxury fashion houses are not based in the United States, but that is not an excuse. If African Americans are a major group making purchases then why not hire a group of them to make sure things like this don’t happen.

So with that being said, here is a list of black designers and brands you should get to know.


I noticed these sleek and sexy designs that had hit the runway fall 18. These gorgeous designs have been on the likes of Rihanna and Regina Hall! Let's take a moment to acknowledge the rich colors and metallics that the designer execute oh so well! Love it!

Duckie Confetti

Duckie Confetti became one of my Instagram favs with his colorful fur slippers and shawls. Now he's making bigger moves with his coats and clothing!

This designer is known for her extravagant tulle skirts and dresses. I love that they come in all different colors and lengths. Now I can't wait until I get my hands on one, maybe two!

Sergio Hudson

His power suits will make everyone in a business meeting turn heads! Let's not forget to mention that he has had the Queen Bey and Tracee Ellis Ross in some of his latest designs!

Milano Di Rogue

This urban unisex luxury line has made bodysuits and matching windbreaker sets a closet must have!

 Samantha Black 

When I was cableless I got a chance to catch up on the episodes of Project Runway seasons on Hulu, and was curious about what some of the designers are up to now? One of those designers was Samantha Black of season 11. Love how her designs give an around the way girl vibe with a touch of class. 

LaQuan Smith

This luxury designer made all kinds of news worthy buzz during New York Fashion Week! I personally love, love his designs! Just my style with the sophisticated sexy vibe.

Supporting black designers shouldn’t be a protest, it should be a practice. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram @fyijoycelynn!

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