Yep In My White Tee

9:25 PM

How many of you all remember that song by the Franchize Boyz! Throwback! LOL. In this blog post and in the Back To The Basics style guide we're going to discuss the simplicity and the importance of the white t-shirt! There's no basic piece of clothing more than a t-shirt but the cool part is that it can be transformed into a masterpiece.

The goal is to find t-shirts that best suit your mood! If you're feeling yourself because you've been hitting the gym lately then you're probably going to want a fitted shirt to show off! If you're in a more chillaxed mood you can go for an oversized shirt (tucked in front) with some distressed jeans. 

I love how they can make a statement without you even saying a word. You can place it with your favorite graphic or phrase. It's literally a blank canvas to add your personality to it! 

The Evolution of The T-Shirt: 
Tall Tee's
Does anyone remember these atrocious shirts that looked like they were playing in their granny gowns! LOL. Were you supposed to be tall to wear a tall tee?? Someone answer please! Let's thank God that tall tees were a fad! 

Baby Tee's 
Before they were called crop tops they were called baby tee's. Most times they were cut from a regular tee, then there would also be a cut made in the neck to make a v-neck to show more cleavage. You just got to love the late 90's and early 00s, right?

T-shirts are classics and they're effortless to style! I mean what would we do without them? 

What's your favorite style t-shirt? Let us know in the comments below or check in with us on Instagram (@fyijoycelynn) and Facebook (FYI Follow Your Intuition)

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