Shanta Renee Beauty

10:09 PM

Shanta Renee Beauty is SEXY, ADVENTUROUS, BOLD and UNAPOLOGETIC. An animal cruelty free line, that offers vegan beauty products. Shanta Renee Beauty is a trademarked company and as they grow their top priority is giving superb customer service. As well as keeping up with any and all new beauty innovations. Two of her amazing well known products are her Cardiac Diamond Setting Powder and Shanta Renee Matte Creamy Lip Contour Set. The setting powder is a large translucent/shimmer powder, that is essential for a “finished” long lasting look. Her lip products make it easy to create a lip liner look that is waterproof and does not smudge, feather, or fade.

 Shanta Renee, was born in Texas but was raised in the suburbs of sunny California. She worked in the medical field for years but soon realized the beauty industry was her passion and true calling. For most women makeup is another task added on top of their busy day, but not for Shanta. She would often hear how does she get up so early and when does she find the time to do her makeup, but for Shanta makeup is the divine time for one’s inner creativity to shine! “Putting on my makeup makes me feel beautiful, powerful, and unapologetic. If you look good you feel good,” says Shanta.

Shanta’s future plans are to become one of the biggest cosmetic owners in the world and manufacture her own cosmetic line in a world class facility. “I want Shanta Renee Beauty to be up there next to Fenty Beauty, Huda Beauty and Beauty Bakerie,” she said. As a Black Lesbian and beauty entrepreneur, Shanta’s goal is to help people in need and connect her brand with people of every sex, age, color and economic background. Another monumental desire of Shanta’s is to provide urban media, branding, and marketing companies partnerships and opportunities with her brand. This is important to her because she values the role of being the lifeline of culture these companies hold and believe they deserve the same respect and opportunities as other non-urban companies in the beauty realm.

 Being the underdogs gives Shanta Renee Beauty the advantage they desire to obtain every goal and dream they set their mind to. Meaning they do not have to follow “traditional ways” a beauty company is ran and seen, the beauty line prides themselves on growing with their beauties lives. Most importantly and unlike any cosmetic line around, they will NOT become that annoying company that discontinues your favorite color just because there is not enough people buying it. Shanta Renee Beauty wants to be that beauty pillar in your life.

 The mission is to just do what’s right, which is to simply listen and partner with their beauties each step of the way as they take their company to the next level. They are here to help enhance the beauty and confidence in their customers by using innovative practices and superior products. Shanta Renee Beauty will strive to meet their beauties beauty needs world wide! All products can be purchased through our website on June 1, 2019

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