Hello everyone!! I'm Joyce, sometimes better known as Joyce-Lynn. I just want to say that I'm so excited about starting this blog and becoming more into fashion! What I'm even more excited about is that this blog won't be just about me displaying my outfits and what I think is in style but show casing other people styles and talents. I know so many people who are trying to break into becoming stylists, hair stylist, modeling, acting, make-up artist, and music (just to name a few), and I just wanted to create a site where they can have that extra exposure.

Though fashion is going to be the main concept of this blog, I plan to talk about whatever comes to my mind that I think would be a good discussion! And I can't forget the contests and giveaways!

I just want to thank all my supporters and the people who gave me that extra push to create this blog. I hope everyone enjoy's it and feel free to participate and comment!!


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