Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Are the Titles Make- Up Artist, Wardrobe Stylist, or Model being used too loosely?

Since the creation of Instagram people have been overly adding titles and occupations listed in their bio. More than half the people who follow me or who I follow are either bloggers, wardrobe stylist, models, hair company’s, make-up artist, club promoters, or boutique owners.

My reason for this discussion was that I was on one of my favorite blog sites fashionbombdaily.com, and I was reading some of the comments of the Bombshell of the Day post. They were just really giving this young lady a hard time for calling herself a stylist. That’s not the first time I’ve seen some one being ridiculed for being a wardrobe stylist.  

Are there credentials that one should have before given that title?  Should they be published in a couple of magazines? Have a resume on hand?

I’m not going to touch too much on Insta- Models (models only on Instagram) You can leave your opinion about them in the comment section below! Lol

 Make-Up Artist has been the most pop-up occupation on social media. Don’t get me wrong many are good, than there are others that I believe are doing it just because everyone else is.

This is probably going to rub some people the wrong way but this is just a discussion and I want to know other people’s opinion.  Do any of you consider Mary Kay and AVON consultants make-up artist?

What about faking it until you make it? Lol. My boyfriend had a good point about adding “aspiring” to the title until you get your big break to be able to wear that title.

Social media is a perfect asset to building any brand, but if you are looking into a quick way to become known, then you’re not going to last very long. My advice is just to be passionate about your craft and anything worth having is worth working hard for.

Disclaimer: This post is not to throw shade on anyone and their profession or expertise!



Badgal Winston said...

I completely understand this discussion! And your boyfriend made a valid suggestion! I see this daily myself being a heavy insta and fb user! Although I can have nothing but respect for those individuals the reality is, if its only insta and fb where the fame is being recognized is the title valid? I really dont think so..

Joyce Williams said...

I'm going to add "aspiring" to my title as a stylist as well. Its only been a few months of my styling journey but trust is not a trend! Lol. Thanks for commenting!

Shronica Randle said...

Many plp think just bc they can dress themselves and do their own makeup good that they can do it on everyone else so they gv themselves the title. As far as MK and Avon goes most of them do makeup applications an are not supose to due to company policy. With MK they can only do it if they have a cosmotology license. I hv no problem w them saying they are a MUA but own it. Invest in your craft with classes and workshops. You should have a passion for whatever you do and never do anything for fame or money.

Joyce Williams said...

I agree with you! Invest in your craft. You can't continue to grow if you don't continue to learn. That will separate you from the people who are doing it just for "right now". Thanks for commenting!

Teressa Foster said...

Personally, I believe that the term "artist" is in the eye of the beholder. What some may consider to be 'art', another will call 'trash'. Whereas the term "aspiring" falls into play, that is just a word used to further encourage a socio-hierarchy and social status of acceptance. However, as scripture says (should have saw that coming Roomie, Lol), let it be others that praise you and not yourself. Therefore, I believe no one should call themselves an "artist" but be open when others do; so for me, I have friends (you included) who I will call artists because you all work very hard and are extremely passionate with what you do, despite income.

Joyce Williams said...

Roomie thanks for bringing the word! I couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks for commenting!

The Bargain Trendsetter said...

First of all, love your blog. The layout is so simple, clean and professional. I am a FAN! As far as putting "aspiring" to your title, this is completely up to you, but I feel that would take a bit of your credibility away. When you are "aspiring" to become something, that means the research, experience, and dedication may or may not have occured yet. I say OWN that "wardrobe stylist" title! No matter HOW long you've been in the game, if you're good and really know how to meet the individual needs of your clients, you are only destined for success! As for the perpetrators, as with any other profession, they will be weeded out eventually :)


Joyce Williams said...

Great point! I also think that its up to the individual and to own your craft despite of what anyone else has to say. Thanks for commenting!
Heading over to your website now!

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