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 The perfect title for this blog post and the picture below! For the past few weeks there have been events, photo shoots, and interviews. It’s been great networking and meeting my Instagram people! Nothing like having new contacts in your phone and email! It’s been nice attending these events. The last time I attended one would have been my own back in November!

 Special thanks to my new photographer friend Dashown for this awesome shot! More of her work will be shown on the blog soon!

First stop was the Pink Pumps and Paparazzi fashion shoe show. This semiannual show is becoming bigger and better every go round!  It was a Caribbean carnival themed, with shaker girls, large head pieces, and you can’t forget about the baddest shoes EVER from! Shout out to the designers, hairstylist, and make-up artist who were a part of the program. All the models looked great! There are some really talented people out there. Oh, and thanks Marcus for my press pass!! Check out some photos below…

Myself along with Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant

 Talented designer Charles Smith II with his beautiful model.

 Yes this was a sold out show!



Next, was the Pink Lucy Birthday Bash! In celebration of Pink Lucy’s designer Tiffany Walker, the party was also dedicated to her eleven years in the fashion game. I loved the loft, it was a nice set-up with the decorations and throughout the venue were the models who displayed her new collection “Eleven”.
Special guest included Vh1 Mob Wives Renee Graziano who was also doing a book signing of her new book titled Playing with Fire. When I tell you that Renee didn’t have a shy or bourgeois bone in her body! She definitely enjoyed the music and the drinks! LOL


This past weekend I attend the event Rip the Runway: A walk into Destiny put on by Destiny Empowerment. I love that this fashion show was based on purpose. The models that walked down the runway had an overcoming story and are now successful with owning their own business and programs. How awesome is that?! This show reminded me that no matter where you come from or what battles you have been through, that is not where the story ends. Those past situations do not define you but will make you stronger. Special thank you to Ms. Cherise Riley for the invite!



Going to these events this year have been a better experience than the ones that I have attended in the past. I’m more confident, able to walk up to people and introduce myself, and being able to just enjoy the outings. I’m looking forward to the next ones!

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