Monday, December 8, 2014

Frizzari Haircare Presents... Dwight Eubanks The Legends of Fashion Tour

 On December 14th, Frizzari presents Dwight Eubanks Legends of Fashion Tour, will start their 12 city tour in Dallas, TX!  The event will have some of the finest designers, hairstylist, makeup artist, and wardrobe stylist come together for a hair and fashion show that you do not want to miss! Before the fashion showcase there will be a seminar to educate professional hairstylist, students, and consumers on the latest trends and products.  I’m proud to announce that I am the official blogger correspondent for the evening! I’m going to give you the exclusive on the red carpet, and commentary before, during and after the show!

The spotlight will also be on the hair product Frizzari Sili (STOP IT AND LOCK IT). I spoke with the founder of Frizzari, Jonathan Pike and he states, “Unlike most conditioners, this product works instantly to correct damage and restore elasticity. With daily use it will lock in color, keep hair richer and fuller, and will strengthen and protect hair form damaging.”
Be sure to check out the new Frizzari Haircare website!


If you are in the fashion and beauty industry, this will be the best event to come and network. I love Dwight on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I can just imagine how fabulous he is in person! Oh,I almost forgot to mention that this event will be televised live by the network Bravo!

 Location: Seven for Parties, Dallas, Tx
Time: 3 PM – 5 PM Seminar
       Meet and Greet with Dwight Eubanks
           7PM -10:30PM Hair and Fashion Showcase

Below is a link to purchase your tickets! Hope to see you on the red carpet!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saving Those Dollars

Many people think that fashion bloggers and stylists just spend all day and night shopping and wasting money, well not this girl! Of course I like looking nice and enjoy nice things but I am realistic when it comes to making purchases. I am grown and I have responsibilities, so trust my priorities are in order! This post I want to share some of my money saving secrets for shopping. You don't have to spend much for what you want!

          Know what you're looking for before you go to the store.  That way you do not buy items you don't need or really didn't want.
         Look for coupons! Sign up for emails from your favorite stores so you can be the first to know when there's a sale! There's nothing wrong with printing those coupons to save money!

Pink Tags Only!! Dillard's Sale
         It's always that one item you want buy but it's just not in your budget! Impulse purchases happen, just make sure you have those extra funds in savings  or maybe you have a side job (hustle) that you can replace that money!

If that item is just too expensive you have the option to just save for it! Give yourself a time frame so you can make that big purchase. Put back a lil from a few checks. And you never know with time passing by the item can magically become on sale! It has happens to me all the time!

           I hope this post will help someone and know that patience is also good when it comes to shopping!   

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Texas Girl, New York State of Mind

My 2nd blogiversary and my first year of styling are coming up! Time really does fly by!  Unfortunately I will not be having the Fall Fashion Mixer 2014… Things happen and you don’t want your work to be rushed. Hopefully things will go better planned next time and we can have another success event!

In substitute of not having the mixer I was able to start on my styling portfolio! I got my glam squad together and we made some magic happen in front of the camera! 

 According to my glam squad and models, the New York theme was "so Joyce"!! That “I’m in a hurry, let me grab my Starbucks and catch a cab” kind of look! To me, the models gave me a feel like they were important and you wanted to know where they were going!!


***Glam Squad***

Photographer- Dashown of Chic Photography
Hairstylist- Queena Mwanda of Mwandas Annointed and Appoited Hair Studio and Beauty Supply
Make-Up Artist- Keriana Gainer(@renee_2006)
Accessories/Shoes- Latisha Humber of L’Miche Boutique (@lmicheboutique)
Warbrobe Stylist- Joyce-Lynn Williams (@fyijoycelynn)




Below is a list of pieces that were to put together from Clothes Mentor!
Gianni Bini suit-$20
Simply Vera jacket -$24
Polka Dot button up- $8
Fur vest-$24


Special thank you to Kathy Bosley and the staff of Clothes Mentor! They are always so welcoming and helpful every time I stop by! Be sure to stop by their store if you’re in the Tyler area!

And that’s a wrap!! Special thank you to my models! You ladies were beyond awesome and I hope to work with you again! Thank you again to my glam squad, Melissa and Whitney from 20Two10, and Kathy and staff from Clothes Mentor! Now it’s time start thinking about the next shoot!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

#OOTD On Aboard!!

A couple weeks ago I got a chance to take a couple of shots in some of my fall favorites! That would include my big brim hat, army colors, button up and a statement necklace.
My main purpose of this post is to let others know that you can shop at some of the most inexpensive stores and still look fab! Check out the photos below and the outfit details list!

Outfit Details
Shirt-rainbow $9
Pants-Rainbow $15
Booties(shoes)- Payless $25
Statement necklace- Forever21 $10
Handbag-Forever21 $12
Hat-Forever21 $17

It’s always nice teaming up with my photographer Dashown! And special thank you Keriana for my make-up! It hasn't been very cool lately, so I haven't been able to pull out the big guns (blazers, long boots) yet!! I can't wait to share my next fall look! What have been your fall favorites so far?!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall Obsessions

 Fall is officially here! That means back to scarves, blazers, tights, and boots for me! Here is a list of my fall favorites and trends...
Nudes and chocolates
Whether it’s a lip stick or fingernail polish, these colors are perfect for the season. Nothing says effortless chic than a natural face topped off with a nude lipstick.

Thanks to my make-up artist Keriana that introduced me to the chocolate lip stick. What’s crazy is that she created it herself with just a brown liner and the Velvet Teddy lip stick from MAC! #skills

Mary Kay-Beaute' Natruelle
MAC-Velvet Teddy
Mary Kay-Chocolate
Beauty Control-Bare
Glamour RX-Brilliant Sand
Mary Kay-Lip Liner Cappuccino
Let’s not forget everybody’s favorite fall lippies in wine, deep purples, and even black! Above is an autumn lip color list that I took from Instagram. These colors you can create or search for them at your favorite make up counter and drug store!
Floppy Hats & Fedoras
Floppy hats have been a fashionistas favorite since the last fall season. I love wearing mine when it’s cold and rainy or being stylish working behind the scenes of a photo shoot.
And fellas, go ahead and purchase you a fedora for the fall! It’s just not for the warm weather to go along with your man sandals! Go ahead and try pairing it with your favorite blazer!



I promise I should have been born in New York or New Jersey the way I’m obsessed with fur! I need to move north so I can have a reason to wear them. Texas people be about to have a heart attack when they see someone with fur! LOL

Don’t just try it in your traditional brown, black, or leopard! Go loud and try a colored fur!



I can’t wait to snag this eco-friendly fur piece from To Be think and Wear!  Be sure to check out the Autumn/Winter collection at 
 The cut-out boot                                                   

I think these cut out boots are so unique but I have no clue on how to wear them! Are you supposed to wear socks?! Anyway, they’re cute and they add some edge to your old plain boot.


The Pants Suit

To be honest, a tailored perfect pants suit is classic for any season! Having a black or grey pants suit is a must but having one in a bright color you will be making a statement!



So we all have trouble finding out what colors are in for the season. Well, I came across this awesome site called that had colors and hues that will have you set for the fall! Check it out below! 

It’s still pretty early in the season so there could possibly be a part 2 of my fall obsessions, but what do you think of the list so far?! Comment below!!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Good Girl Gone Bad

Going into wardrobe styling I want to be able to take on all kinds of styles and themes. It seem like my strong points are doing more classy looks and your all American teenagers. With this photo shoot I was wanting go for a more edgy look. My model Whitney had the perfect hairstyle, Latisha from L’Miche Boutique supplied me with an awesome neck piece, and Bojack gave me made my vision into reality with his camera lens.  


It’s hard for me to lose that classy touch, so I just had to have a blazer. I had Whitney to go bra-less along with this cross statement necklace to give that bad girl vibe.




I have more photo shoots coming up so I have no choice to get better right! J I do believe in challenging yourself to produce growth. It’s not easy putting yourself out there as an “artisit”, and sharing your ideas with others, but I believe that hard work pays off and I’m ready to see where this stylist life will take me!

Special Thanks to…
Accessories- LaTisha L’Miche Boutique



Thursday, September 4, 2014 (SCAM)

When you make purchases online, you are suppose to be confident that the item that you’re buying is going to be the one that shows up at your doorstep. I just had a horrible experience with an online boutique called! I thought that I was purchasing this gorgeous black and white maxi dress, but it turned out to be the perfect dress for a toddler! I was beyond disappointed. I should have known that it was too good to be true, and that I was going to get a beautiful flowing maxi dress for ONLY $13.00!!

It wasn’t until after I made my purchase that I found out the was a scam!! I read on their facebook page how many people never received their orders, how some clothes came to customers stained, or it was just the wrong items. I was trying to found out why mines came so small because I know that I checked the size large box!? I found out the manufacture is out of China and that the clothes were based on their sizing chart! Tragedy…

My advice for shopping online…
·         Check for reviews, especially if they are a new business or if you have never heard of the company before.

·         Check if the online store as social media accounts. The most honest people are on social media and will comment under pictures to let others know if they liked their products or not.

·         Check the sizing charts. If the site does not have a sizing chart then you should be able to contact the person in charge to see if items are true to size.

·         Be sure to read their policy on returns.

I could sell the dress but I’m just going to reconstruct it to something else! Lol

Have you had a bad experience with an online boutique?!