Monday, January 26, 2015

The Classics: Timberland Boots

To be honest, when have Timberland boots ever gone out of style?!  Who ever knew that these “work boots” could pull off some nice looks? I like how you are able to recreate them to match your personal style, whether it’s by changing the color, drawing your favorite cartoon character, or making them leopard print!

Style History: Founded over 40 years ago, Timberland™ has continued to share their authenticity, quality, and rugged style in the footwear industry. What makes this boot an icon? Maybe it’s the waterproof leathers, the last longing laces, or the tree logo.

Timberland ™ is the one company that has allowed the public to be hands on with the “the boot”.  With donation programs and creative projects, this brand is all about giving back to the community.

Has anybody else had a hard time finding these boots in stores?! Of course I’m team big feet so it’s been difficult, but I will just have to settle and purchase them online! I’m excited about receiving my pair! This will give me a chance to switch up my look a little bit. I already have some outfits in mind!

Below are some outfit inspirations that I put together on Polyvore.

Check out some celebs on how they rock their boots.

How do you wear your Timberland boots?!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rewind That Back! 2014 Recap

Another year has passed!! As I looked back it was pretty productive year but I know there is even more to accomplish in 2015!

This post I want to share some of my favorite fashion moments and stylish celebs! Many of the moments are still fresh but some you might have for gotten about!

Wedding of the Year!

Of course the wedding of the year goes to Solange and her new husband Alan Ferguson! How awesome was that she incorporated her audience in the wedding too!? And the photography was so modern and classy. Kudos to you Solange!


Model of the year!

Kendall Jenner worked her butt off in the model world this year! From campaigns to runways she certainly showed us that she didn’t need her big sister, Kim Kardashian, help to get to the top!

Makeover of the year

Nicki Minaj had an awesome transformation this year! I can always spot when a celebrity has reconstructed their glam squad! Lol. I love how she still can have on prints and color but it’s not over barring and it comes off as sexy and chic! Well done Nicki!




Designer of the year

Michael Costello was everywhere this year. From the stage to the red carpet, you could count on seeing one of his gowns and/or bow ties to make an appearance!

Concert of the year.

Jay-Z and Beyonce’s On the Run Tour was a concert I couldn’t miss! Even though my sister and I was in the nose bleeds it was well worth it! Lol. You know those tickets were ridiculously expensive!  


Stylish kid of the year

North West took the title when she came through with the fur coat. How cute!! How can you expect anything less? Just look who her parents are!



Joan Rivers
The comedy and fashion industry took a loss from the passing of Joan Rivers. I think what made it tough was that she was still working and we were still watching her on TV. I know I couldn’t wait to tune in to watch Fashion Police after an award show! She will be missed!



Favorite Runway show

So I was a big fan of Barbie growing up, and designer Franco Moshino just took my childhood to another level with his Spring/Summer 2015 collection.  


Favorite Campaign Ad

Balmain Paris had my attention twice this year! The first campaign with models Naomi Campbell, Iman, and singer Rhianna, and now he is ending the year with a steamy campaign ad featuring Kim and Kanye.


Event of the year

This past November I attended the Fashion X Dallas Fashion Show. The best fashion show that I’ve been to so far!! It was a 3 day event of nice vendors, great atmosphere and staff! I haven’t been to Fashion Week in New York yet but I imagine that this event was close to it!  We met designers from Project Runway All Stars and met some of Dallas, TX well known designers and bloggers! Special thank you to my partner-in-crime for that night Candace! Check out some photos from the event!!





Dazed Magazine

Well that wraps up my top 2014 fashion moments! I hope everyone had a great year! Thank you to all my readers and supporters! Be expecting more from Follow Your Intuition next year! New collaborations, interviews, and of course events! Have a blessed 2015!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Celebrity Fashion Stylist: Style Bootcamp

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend Celebrity Fashion Stylist J.Bolin Style Bootcamp! What an experience! I loved every part of it! It was very intimate, just enough people and space. He was very hands on with our projects and did not hold back from telling us any information about the business. This boot camp could not have come along at a better time!


My favorite segment from the boot camp would have to be when we had to pretend to pitch to a Record Label and PR company why we should work and revamp their clients. It was a challenge and I loved it! That exercise showed me that whatever you get into you better show confidence and know what you’re talking about!

I can’t give you ALL the details because I paid for it! Lol. But my advice is to you that if someone well known or very successful to you have boot camps or sessions for marketing go to them! This class was very well worth it.

Check out some pics below!

I love hearing others stories about how they got started and how they made their dreams into reality. J’s story was very inspiring and let me know just not to give up no matter what’s thrown your way, continue to work hard and it will pay off.


J.Bolin is the king of scarves! I'm glad that he now shares his scarf style at!  Also be sure to check out his Instagram @jbolinstylist.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Frizzari Haircare Presents... Dwight Eubanks The Legends of Fashion Tour

 On December 14th, Frizzari presents Dwight Eubanks Legends of Fashion Tour, will start their 12 city tour in Dallas, TX!  The event will have some of the finest designers, hairstylist, makeup artist, and wardrobe stylist come together for a hair and fashion show that you do not want to miss! Before the fashion showcase there will be a seminar to educate professional hairstylist, students, and consumers on the latest trends and products.  I’m proud to announce that I am the official blogger correspondent for the evening! I’m going to give you the exclusive on the red carpet, and commentary before, during and after the show!

The spotlight will also be on the hair product Frizzari Sili (STOP IT AND LOCK IT). I spoke with the founder of Frizzari, Jonathan Pike and he states, “Unlike most conditioners, this product works instantly to correct damage and restore elasticity. With daily use it will lock in color, keep hair richer and fuller, and will strengthen and protect hair form damaging.”
Be sure to check out the new Frizzari Haircare website!


If you are in the fashion and beauty industry, this will be the best event to come and network. I love Dwight on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I can just imagine how fabulous he is in person! Oh,I almost forgot to mention that this event will be televised live by the network Bravo!

 Location: Seven for Parties, Dallas, Tx
Time: 3 PM – 5 PM Seminar
       Meet and Greet with Dwight Eubanks
           7PM -10:30PM Hair and Fashion Showcase

Below is a link to purchase your tickets! Hope to see you on the red carpet!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saving Those Dollars

Many people think that fashion bloggers and stylists just spend all day and night shopping and wasting money, well not this girl! Of course I like looking nice and enjoy nice things but I am realistic when it comes to making purchases. I am grown and I have responsibilities, so trust my priorities are in order! This post I want to share some of my money saving secrets for shopping. You don't have to spend much for what you want!

          Know what you're looking for before you go to the store.  That way you do not buy items you don't need or really didn't want.
         Look for coupons! Sign up for emails from your favorite stores so you can be the first to know when there's a sale! There's nothing wrong with printing those coupons to save money!

Pink Tags Only!! Dillard's Sale
         It's always that one item you want buy but it's just not in your budget! Impulse purchases happen, just make sure you have those extra funds in savings  or maybe you have a side job (hustle) that you can replace that money!

If that item is just too expensive you have the option to just save for it! Give yourself a time frame so you can make that big purchase. Put back a lil from a few checks. And you never know with time passing by the item can magically become on sale! It has happens to me all the time!

           I hope this post will help someone and know that patience is also good when it comes to shopping!   

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Texas Girl, New York State of Mind

My 2nd blogiversary and my first year of styling are coming up! Time really does fly by!  Unfortunately I will not be having the Fall Fashion Mixer 2014… Things happen and you don’t want your work to be rushed. Hopefully things will go better planned next time and we can have another success event!

In substitute of not having the mixer I was able to start on my styling portfolio! I got my glam squad together and we made some magic happen in front of the camera! 

 According to my glam squad and models, the New York theme was "so Joyce"!! That “I’m in a hurry, let me grab my Starbucks and catch a cab” kind of look! To me, the models gave me a feel like they were important and you wanted to know where they were going!!


***Glam Squad***

Photographer- Dashown of Chic Photography
Hairstylist- Queena Mwanda of Mwandas Annointed and Appoited Hair Studio and Beauty Supply
Make-Up Artist- Keriana Gainer(@renee_2006)
Accessories/Shoes- Latisha Humber of L’Miche Boutique (@lmicheboutique)
Warbrobe Stylist- Joyce-Lynn Williams (@fyijoycelynn)




Below is a list of pieces that were to put together from Clothes Mentor!
Gianni Bini suit-$20
Simply Vera jacket -$24
Polka Dot button up- $8
Fur vest-$24


Special thank you to Kathy Bosley and the staff of Clothes Mentor! They are always so welcoming and helpful every time I stop by! Be sure to stop by their store if you’re in the Tyler area!

And that’s a wrap!! Special thank you to my models! You ladies were beyond awesome and I hope to work with you again! Thank you again to my glam squad, Melissa and Whitney from 20Two10, and Kathy and staff from Clothes Mentor! Now it’s time start thinking about the next shoot!