Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ONE MusicFest

A road trip to Atlanta, GA for the One MusicFest  was the perfect way to end the summer season. What a cultural experience!? To see people of different colors, body shapes, and fashion sense to come together for music was beautiful thing! 

The One MusicFest is the Southeast’s most cross genre featuring a combination of music legends like The Roots and Lauryn Hill and today's new comers in the music industry like Sza and the group The Internet. 

I’m a new fan of Sza! Just discovered her a while ago on Instagram because of her gorgeous big hair and urban style, later to figure out she was a singer! Unfortunately as we were approaching our field seats she was just finishing up her performance with her version of "You Make Me Wanna" by Usher. As from what we could hear she did a great job!

Wale performed a string of his hits like “Bad’, “Matrimony”, “No hands” and my personal favorites “Slight Work” and “The Break Up Song”. Wale’s energy is always a 10 on stage  and works hard to keep that momentum going the whole time!

Janelle Monae and the Wondaland shut the stage down with their musical numbers. I promise they give me a Prince and the Revolution, and a Earth Wind and Fire vibe! From the stage set up, to the electric and vintage clothing, I’m here for it!

Janelle Monae sung her hits “Electric Lady” and “Yoga”. My crew can tell you that I was up dancing the whole time!

Added to the lineup was Jidenna, who is also part of the Wondaland band. I knew that I enjoyed watching him perform on T.V and seeing him on the internet but seeing him live was even better! When his chart topping hit “Classic Man” came on, I can say that no one was sitting down! From the stands to the field, everyone was dancing and singing along.

Janelle and the band didn’t want to leave the stage without reminding us of the injustice of police brutality in todays time. With the chant  “Hell You Talmbout (Say Their Names)” , the audience is in remembrance of  the lives that have recently been loss. 

Growing up in the 90s was electrifying. The culture of raw hip-hop, R&B was at it's peak & self-expression/fashion was like no other. It's not surprising the millennials have gravitated toward the 90s & 2015 is reminiscent of this era.

Young girls such as myself had role models to choose from: Tia & Tamera, Brandy (love her), Monica, Brittany Spears & the list goes on & on. A vessel of truth emerged in the 90s by the name of Lauryn Hill & forever changed the music energy. Hill headlined the ONE MusicFest mesmerized by her beloved fans with her effortless talent.

 The moment Hill graced the stage she commanded your attention. Opening with, "I Gotta Find Peace of Mind," I was immediately lost in the moment & captivated by the angelic voice before my eyes. The Caribbean arrangement of Ex-Factor, Fu-Gee-La, Nina Simone's-Feeling Good, Doo-Wop "that thing" (my fave)--Hill did NOT disappoint. She effortlessly rapped & sung  "Lost Ones"  not missing a beat (take notes aspiring female artists). Can we get a new album??? She truly left her fans longing for more.

With only one album, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill," her body of work resonates today & will continue to be a musical blueprint that redefined a female rapper, challenged societies standards, influenced self-worth, value & "queendom". Thank you for sharing your ART, Ms. Lauryn Hill.

Black magic was in full effect! The fashion & positive energy made me feel right at home--family reunion style! 

"Travel, explore life, get to know yourself & enjoy every moment!"

Peace & Blessings,

Ebony Fowler

I can’t end the post without giving you some FASHION hunny!!  The crowd was definitely festival ready with their indie, vintage, 90s hip hop outfits! Check out more music artists and street style in the pics below! 


It was a pleasure traveling and collaborating with my friend Ebony with this post. Please check out her blog and Instagram @lushgroup.

I would certainly attend this event again! It was such a cultural event that it definitely gave me motivation and inspiration for future blog posts! 


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Indie Chic

Indie Chic

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Memoirs of a Bridesmaid (Discussion)

So I’m a little excited about today’s discussion topic! I have been asked about 3 times in the past couple months on what is a good price to pay for a bridesmaids’ dress and shoes?  

After doing some research, the average for paying for a decent bridesmaid dress is $150 before alterations. And remember you still have to get your shoes, accessories, hair & makeup done. OH! Don’t forget the bachelorette party/vacation trip and bridal shower!  As far as shoes I wouldn’t want to pay over $50 for shoes that I would probably only wear once.

Below are some questions from an anonymous reader who needs her questions answered from you future and past brides!  

1. What all is required of me if I say yes?

2. How much do I have to spend to contribute to your special day?
- dress, shoes, jewelry, bridal shower, bachelorette party, etc.

3. Are brides considered of the shapes of their bridesmaids for the type of dresses she wants them to wear? We are not all shaped alike.(busty, wide hips, big behinds)

*ANOMNYMUS NOTE*Please consider our bank accounts when finding things we have to buy. I'm not the one getting married; it's not "MY" special day so I shouldn't be spending money like it is. All eyes will not be on me. Yes bridesmaids should be coordinated but all bridesmaids aren't all the same size, shape, color or height. The same exact everything will not work for us all.

I am all for helping you celebrate your special day but I don't want to break my bank. I want to wear comfortable shoes & for once wear a dress that I will likely wear again someday.

What are your thoughts for today’s topic? Are brides asking too much of their brides to contribute for their day?!

Be sure to join in on the conversation on Instagram (@fyijoycelynn), Facebook (Joyce-Lynn Williams) or comment below! 
Sunday, August 2, 2015

Summer Obsessions

Summer is on full blast right now, especially here in Texas! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and keeping cool!

This blog post I’m going to share some trendy items and styles that I’ve been obsessing over this summer!

Let’s start with the summer favorite all white! It’s so classic! If you can’t tell, my favorites are the jumpsuits and a pair of wide leg pants.

Cuff bracelets are definitely great statement pieces! It gives me such a goddess vibe! They’re trending right now so you can find at your favorite accessory store such as Forever21 and Versona.

FRINGE! My obsession over fringe hasn’t left from last summer season! From handbags, shoes, to jackets, I can never get enough of fringe!

I’ve stop counting how many sunglasses I have a long time ago! To me, sunglasses are the icing on a cake to complete a cute outfit. You can go into just about any store and find a unique pair of sun glasses, even at a low price!  

Kimono cardigans are so comfortable and chic! Many of them are the chiffon material so that you’re still able to rock them in this summer heat.

Coloured Raine cosmetics have had my full attention this summer! Their matte lip gloss in Truffle Raine is one of my fav lippies this summer and I can’t wait to purchase more! Be sure to check out more of their lipsticks and lip glosses at

Shredded jeans have been hit as well for at least the 2 past summers. I love that you can go to the extreme with it or you can have simple cuts and rips and still look bad ass!

There you have it! A quick rundown of my summer favorites! What are some of your summer obsessions?! Be sure to share them with me in the comment section below or on Instagram @fyijoycelynn!! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
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