Monday, June 23, 2014

FYI What to Wear

What to wear to an all white party!? There’s a concert that is coming to town this weekend and it’s an all white affair featuring the RnB group Jagged Edge. Well thanks to the promoter Demarcus Bailey, I have all kinds of people in my inbox wanting to know what to wear for this event? Since I’m not able to style everyone and some do not want to pay my styling fee (shade), this complimentary post should help many out!

  • Blazer & Shorts- This is one my favorite combos! It’s classy and still sexy.

  • Jumpsiuts- Very easy to find now days. Just beware of the jumpsuit being too short in the legs or too tight in the mid-section.

  • Button-Up & Ankle pants- This is sleek and chic. A cute flowy white button up, some white ankle pants, and some stand out pumps.

  • Dress- You can go for the popular body-con dress, or a peplum dress.  

  • Shoes-Your feet will be you blank canvas for the night so pick any color you like! This will give you a chance to show off your shoe game that you’ve been waiting to share!

LADIES! We know that white can sometimes attract attention to our problem areas, so we want to be careful and wear the proper under garments!! If you need some help to push that tummy in more, put on some spanx! Know that white underwear and white clothing is not a good combination. It’s black!




Men I cannot leave you out! Style might not be an area of expertise for some of you, but you want to be fly that night.

  • Make sure that you that your white is white. Stains are so easy to spot when theyre on white clothing.
  • Try some different accessories. I think this event will be appropriate for bowties and hats.
  • Shoes! Men you know that one of the things that ladies look at when they meet a man is their shoes! So make sure that they are clean and scuff free!




Suggested Retailers

Men’s Warehouse
G by Guess


I hope this will help some of you! If you have any other questions you can email me at or you can inbox me on Facebook under Joyce-Lynn Williams.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

FYI Style Story: Teaira Blount

 It’s nice to come across individuals who share the same interest as you and are willing to share their story. Thanks to social media, we able to keep up with dream chasers and the up and coming. Teaira Blount is definitely a dream chaser! With the life of assisting celebrity fashion stylist J. Bolin and working for BET, this Atlanta native is on her way! Let’s see what Teaira has to say about her journey so far!

When did you decide that you want to be in the fashion industry?
I decided that I wanted to be in the fashion industry when I lost myself in the college classroom and found myself in the mall. I thought I wanted to be in school for Middle Grades Education, but that wasn't where my heart was. I would skip class and go study trends in the mall.

 What are some misconceptions people have about fashion stylist?
One main misconception people have about fashion styling is the life we live. People think we are close friends with celebrities. Not knowing that we are hired to do a JOB, a friendship may develop from a good work ethic. Other than that, it's not this lavish life.

What are some obstacles have you had to overcome in this industry?
An obstacle I've had to overcome is KEEPING BUSY. Our job ultimately depends on another person. If no one needs styling, we don't have a job. So I also work for BET (:

What are some of your favorite brands or designers?

My favorite brands and designers include ZARA, Micheal Costello, Nicci Hou, and H&M.

 What’s one fashion trend that you would like to see disappear and why?
One fashion trend I would love to eliminate is CROP TOPS! They are super cute on SOME PEOPLE. But it's important to dress for your body and not for the trend. Just because crop tops are in, doesn't mean they're in for your body.

Who do you wish to work with in the future?
In the future, I would LOVE to work with Kerry Washington, KeKe Palmer, Bruno Mars and John Legend.
What’s next for Teaira?
There are quite a few things next for Teaira! I'm working on a clothing line, a reality show and few more things that I can't speak on just yet ((:

What’s your favorite fashion phrase or quote?
My favorite fashion phrase is "Why argue with someone when all you have to do is kill them when you get dressed"
I love Teaira’s style! It’s so effortless chic and versatile! Keep doing what you’re doing girl, you will go far! Good Luck!
Keep Up with Miss Teaira @...
Instagram @iamteaira
Twitter @itsteaira
Facebook Teaira O. Blount

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

To Be Think and Wear Brand

I had a special opportunity to check out designer’s Simone Vannuzzi clothing line To Be Think and Wear. The Tuscan designer is on a mission to make a statement here in the United States with his concept of eco friendly materials and having the ability to take a  hoodie, and turning it into casual chic.

“The woman TO BE is beautiful, less beautiful, real women, with the interior of a charge that makes it unique. She lives in a metropolitan city, where everything is mixed, races, emotions, and cultures.”

“With over seven years experience in retail sales and management, I was able to create a showroom in New York, to make it become trendy,  while providing the value and uniqueness of the product made in Italy in the U.S. market.”

“Dealing with the U.S. market means learning to take and make an important experience in the first market in the world. Building experience which to draw the input is to create a line which can be appreciated by American clientele.”

 “Made in Italy. Made in Italy with the soul, TO BE indicates that for a constant search for quality materials and technology to explain an emotion that cannot be denied to the dream.”

It was so exciting to be able to check out the clothing line for myself and to have a photo shoot with the items.

 My favorite would be the gold lace top. I paired it with a tank top to go underneath because it is see through. I also like that the top was long enough to cover the top of my pants. 
For the summer, the top looks great with white, whether it’s a blazer or some white bottoms. When we're heading into the fall season, I have the perfect olive color blazer to pair this top with!

Next, is the blue sweater dress. I love that it’s high-low! This perfect for going to class, going shopping or heading to a Saturday brunch. With this look I decided to dress it up with my sparkling Steve Maddens and pair it with my black Steve Madden bag.

I want to thank Simone Vannuzzi! You could have chosen any other fashion blogger but you chose me! This has been an exciting blogger moment for me!
Special thank you to Bob Gentry for letting my team and I randomly use your 1955 Buick (Special Edition)!!
Photography by Dashown of Chic Photography
Make-up by Ashley Amie-Hallman

469 W. 7 th. Avenue
New York, NY 10001

Sunday, May 18, 2014

FYI Top 10 Spring/Summer Trends

I’ll admit that I wasn’t really feeling the Spring trends at first but some of them have grown on me! Some of them I already have but there are some that I still need to purchase!  Check out the list below!  

 Denim on Denim
This look is very chic! You can’t go wrong paring it with some colored pumps or some nude heels!


The Jumpsuit

I think these are perfect for date night! The wide legged are my fav! Plus if you bottom heavy, like myself, it helps proportion your body.


I was not a fan of bringing these back, maybe because I wore them out when I was a kid. They’re a bit more stylish now!

Flower Crowns
Aren’t these the cutest? Thinking about purchasing one of these for a cruise I’m going on this summer!


Whether it’s on a handbag or on a swimsuit, this trend is hot!

Bucket Hats

Another item I remember wearing as a kid! Perfect for men and women for the season! This is not a hat that you'll see many wearing, so you'll definitely be the center of attention!


Palazzo Pants
I absolutely these pants! Most of them are super light and come in all kinds of prints and colors.


Crop Tops

Crop tops have been on the scene heavy for the past 2 years! They are perfect with high waist pants and skirts. If you think that you’re too big or too busty, you’re wrong! They’re now available in plus size and you now have a choice of wearing them in loose fit.

Full  Skirts
This is probably my fav on the list! How classy and elegant are these skirts?! I love the fact that you can dress these skirts up or down!


 Colored Shorts
Guys these are for you! Girls you can steal these from your boo! Lol. Pair these shorts with a short sleeve button down or a crisp white t-shirt and some boat shoes (Sperry’s) and you’ll have the perfect casual day outfit!

Colored Pumps
Oh how I wish I could have every color! Don’t you?!

 So what did you think of the Spring and Simmer trends? Did I miss anything? Be sure to leave a comment below!