7 Business Savvy Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

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Can you believe that we’re halfway through the year?! With that being said what you are doing to complete your goals for the last 2 quarters of the year. This is the time where you may need a recharge and get back to the program! Below is a list of business savvy accounts that you should be following on Instagram. Not only are they providing vital business information but they are also offering motivation, girl boss meetups, and financial freedom advice!

@_thesixfigurechick_ I’ve been following the Six Figure Chick since she was battling cancer and I was just amazed at how she was able to build her empire regardless of what she was going through.  She has a series of services and products she offers that are very affected and informative to bring in and keep clients. She give out a very clear blue all you have to do is do the work!

@xonecole I love sites that are dedicated to helping people of color to succeed in this very fast pace world we live in now. On their Instagram profile and website xonecole.com, you can find an explosion of black girl magic! There are all kinds of topics ranging from finances, self-care practices, dating advice, and of course beauty and style!

@bosswomenwhobrunch If you’re interested in being around like-minded people then this profile is for you. Based out of Dallas, TX this organization curates brunches to make sure you’re getting to best entrepreneurial advice, resources, and networking!

@businessmentorship We spend so much money on Starbucks, Apple products, and other restaurants, have you ever thought about seeking a return by purchasing stocks from that company? This account is designed to give you ideas about where to invest your hard earned money.

@princedonnell – The Pastor of Business Donnell manages to combine his love for God and the journey of becoming an entrepreneur. He also owns an app that sends daily messages to keep you motivated to stay following your dreams.

@fashionmentor.co Aspiring stylist this one is for you! This profile gives you the 411 in the fashion industry with job alerts, celebrity internships, and even offers a list of PR agencies to pull pieces from in big cities like Los Angeles and New York.

@bossbabe.inc If you’ve been on Instagram a while then I’m sure you’ve seen the famous pink and black text posts about how much of a badass us women are! Their sassy quotes will motivate you to knock out your goals and look good doing it! 

There’s nothing like seeing positive images and messages on your timeline! We can use more of that today! I also hope these accounts help someone make a move or finish what you’ve started!


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