2018 FYI Summer Style

11:24 PM

Summer is officially here, which means it's that time of the year to gear up for concerts, vacations, date nights, and brunches! This list of summer trends will have you ready for all summer occasions! Check them out below! 

“Remember she had that bad hip like a fanny pack”, awkwardly one of my favorite Kanye West lines. LOL Fanny packs have raised from the 90s style archives and have made a major come back. I’m going to be honest, at first I was like they are so hideous, but I have seen them be styled in some really cute ways. You can wear them the traditional way on the hips, or depend on what you got going up top, you can wear them across the chest!

I’m all for hats, especially those weekend days where I don’t want to comb my hair! This summer trending are cabby hats and berets. The cabby hat certainly gives my Selena vibes and I’m here for it! Berets come in all kinds of colors and you can even add some personality to them by adding embroidery or with a brooch. 

Suggested retailers: Forever21.com

What’s a summer without some dope shades?! This summer must have style are the sleek, retro cat eye sunglasses.  Be sure to check out my favorite sunglass company Twenty103.com for all your shady needs!

If you’re headed on vacation soon you may still be on the search for the perfect swimsuit. Swimsuits have come a long way, especially for us plus size ladies! You can expect many different styles in both one and two pieces with different cut-outs and prints!

Swimsuit retailers:Target

The go-to color this summer is yellow! Even though Beyonce' is "Everything is Love" with Jay-Z at the moment but we’re still in our "Lemonade" state of mind and that’s ok! LOL


Keep Style Affordable

Wearing sheer and lace bodysuits are a thing now. It's ok if done in a tasteful, non-provocative way. To be honest, it is too hot to be fully clothed LOL. 

We're adding tulle to all tank tops this summer! I love how flirty and edgy this look can be. 



Dusters and kimonos are my personal summer favorite because it still allows you to layer in the summer without being super hot. One of my problem areas is my arms, so I'm not too fond of warmer weather, but the dusters allow my arms to be covered but not making me hot by clinging to my arms.

These summer trends are here for you to be comfortable, fun, and chic! Which ones are you favorite? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram @fyijoycelynn! 

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