Black Girls Who Collaborate Dallas

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 Weekends are made for brunches and attending girl boss events! This past weekend I got a chance to attend the Black Girls Who Collaborate: Dallas Experience at the awesome venue of Tyler Station. The event consist of panelist of experts who collaborate often in their field, bomb brunch options, fire 90s music classics from DJ 4.0, and much more!  

The panelists were nothing short of amazing! What I enjoyed about the crew behind The Millennial Love podcast is how the each have their own individual careers but can come together and share their common successes and struggles. Bloggers Ginger and Shasha shared how they created a workshop called Comp Camp to help bloggers get on the right path for making money blog, pitching for brands, and how to work campaigns. What I took away from author Mercy Caurruthers is to stand your ground, don't allow any client to make you feel bad for charging the amount that you're worth. 

Check out more pics below of the fabulous in white guests and vendors. 


This has been one of the most interactive events that I've ever attended. Every young lady that I met was so genuine and so passionate about what they do. 

 The vendors were amazing! Very informative and professional about their brands. 




If someone was to ask me why do I attend so many events, I would tell them that the energy in the room will motivate you to accomplish your goals, plus it's important to network. You can never have too many connections. You have heard the term, "it's not what you know but who you know", right?


 Two heads are better than one! Imagine how much more we can get done and be successful by working with others. Benefits of working with others: Sharing resources, save time on projects by sharing the load, and developing a friendship. 

             Be sure to follow this organization on Instagram @blackgirlswhocollaborate for the next city and date!  

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