FYI Top 10 Spring/Summer Trends

12:26 AM

I’ll admit that I wasn’t really feeling the Spring trends at first but some of them have grown on me! Some of them I already have but there are some that I still need to purchase!  Check out the list below!  

 Denim on Denim
This look is very chic! You can’t go wrong paring it with some colored pumps or some nude heels!


The Jumpsuit

I think these are perfect for date night! The wide legged are my fav! Plus if you bottom heavy, like myself, it helps proportion your body.


I was not a fan of bringing these back, maybe because I wore them out when I was a kid. They’re a bit more stylish now!

Flower Crowns
Aren’t these the cutest? Thinking about purchasing one of these for a cruise I’m going on this summer!


Whether it’s on a handbag or on a swimsuit, this trend is hot!

Bucket Hats

Another item I remember wearing as a kid! Perfect for men and women for the season! This is not a hat that you'll see many wearing, so you'll definitely be the center of attention!


Palazzo Pants
I absolutely these pants! Most of them are super light and come in all kinds of prints and colors.


Crop Tops

Crop tops have been on the scene heavy for the past 2 years! They are perfect with high waist pants and skirts. If you think that you’re too big or too busty, you’re wrong! They’re now available in plus size and you now have a choice of wearing them in loose fit.

Full  Skirts
This is probably my fav on the list! How classy and elegant are these skirts?! I love the fact that you can dress these skirts up or down!


 Colored Shorts
Guys these are for you! Girls you can steal these from your boo! Lol. Pair these shorts with a short sleeve button down or a crisp white t-shirt and some boat shoes (Sperry’s) and you’ll have the perfect casual day outfit!

Colored Pumps
Oh how I wish I could have every color! Don’t you?!

 So what did you think of the Spring and Simmer trends? Did I miss anything? Be sure to leave a comment below!



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  1. I've been wondering how to wear these palazzo pant I bought on impulse, and your post did give me a some inspo ! Glad I stumbled upon it, now I'm thinking of posting my twist of this statement piece…
    Also, this last black dress is fabulous. Love the cut, love the fabric, love the "chic".
    xx, I.

    1. My first pair were an impulse buy also! They are perfect for the days you don't want anything clinging to your body! Thanks for commenting!


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