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  The last male feature of the month is a good friend of mine Randall.  Randall has always had very nice style. To be honest, I don’t know why I didn’t interview him last year!? These past few months he has been gracing my cell phone screen with his fitted blazers, his great use of colors, and nice button ups I couldn’t pass him up this year. Check him out for yourself, meet Randall…

How do you define your style?
I define my style as me, as my personality which no one can emulate.

 Who/ what are your style inspirations?
As far as inspirations I’m not really inspired by any celebrities... I'm mostly inspired by clothes that catch my eye/attention and I go off that to base my outfits.

 Are you into trends? If so, which ones?
For the most part I try to go against trends, but if I do see something that’s trendy and fits my style then I use it, but try to throw a twist on it.


What are some of your favorite brands and stores to shop at?

Well I shop at all types of stores and online websites from expensive stores like Zara, Saks Fifth, and Nordstrom’s, to inexpensive stores like H&M, Express, Footlocker, and online stores.


What 5 pieces (clothes, shoes, accessories, etc) are a must have for you?
5 things every man should have

Wheat Timbs - if you can't find wheat Timbs then polo boots are your next choice...

A watch - it doesn't have to be flamboyant but casual enough to catch attention.

Dark suit - preferably a Black one

Edge up - believe it or not, an edge up/lining can make or break an outfit.... Whether you have a haircut, dreads, Mohawk, fro, hair on your head or on your face your edge up makes your look fresher...

Accessories - accessories are what make your outfit pop... It's the icing on the cake... Items that fall under the accessories category for any time are hats, scarves, watches, male bracelets, little gold chains, and earrings.

Favorite fashion quote or phrase. ​
Clothes don't make the man. The man makes the clothes. No matter how expensive or how cheap, it's the man's confidence in the clothes.

I think Randall just gave you young men a style lesson! Hope y’all took notes! Love it!

You can keep up with Randall on Twitter and Instagram @nomo_freeeRandy

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  1. Great article ! He has come a long way from the dreads and is proving that style is what you make it to be. His hair is different, but confidence is the same. =)

    1. Ikr!!! And don't forget the weight loss! He looks great!


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