Who's That Girl?!

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If you haven’t seen or heard, the new “It” girl is Lupita Nyong’o! The break out star from 12 Years a Slave, and now Academy Award winning actress, has been killing the red carpets with her grace and colorful gowns!

 Can you say “new fashion icon”!! Lupita’s stylist, Micaela Erlanger, put in the works for her for the Oscars. Erlanger told E News that “the night’s look was a collaboration, and our main goal was to create a look completely representative of Lupita. The custom Prada gown, accented by gold Fred Leighton jewelry and diamond headband all came together beautifully. This was the moment we’ve been working towards all award season and I think we nailed it.”


 Quick Lupita Nyong’o Facts!
Lupita was born in Mexico City, Mexico, but raised Nairobi, Kenya.
She is a graduate of Hampshire College and Yale School of Drama.
Not only is she an actress but she is aslo a music video director (well-known in Mexico and Kenya)

She is the first African woman to win an Academy Award



I can’t tell you how inspiring Lupita’s speech was when she accepted her award this past Sunday! I was in tears! Her words made many of us believe that dreams do come true. It’s amazing how you’ve never met an individual in person but their presence on TV or read a story of them in magazine can make you feel connected to that person. She is off to an awesome start and I can’t wait to see what’s in stored for her!  
“No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.”
                                                   -Lupita Nyong’o





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