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  It’s that time again to feature some of the fashion forward men I come across! I know that it’s the end of March and I haven’t done a male post yet, but better late than never right!

It’s amazing how you hear so much about someone and then finally meet them to know that they are as awesome as you imagined! Willie D Allen Jr. aka Bojack is a L’Oreal Professional hairstylist, runway show coordinator extraordinaire, and all around fashion freak. I really admire him for becoming a brand and in the process of making the small towns of East Texas fabulous!  I don’t think that I’ve met anyone in East Texas more passionate about fashion than him. This young man has a vision and won’t stop until its reality! Meet Bojack…

How do you define your style?
I define my style as Urban Chic. That is taking your roots (how you were raised) and mixing it with style from television and the magazines.

Who/ what are your style inspirations?
Karl Lagerfield, the face of Chanel. He’s passionate about beauty, fabric, and the know of conception (ideas).

Are you into trends? If so, which ones?
Yes I am. For the spring I’m into pops of color, large stripe shirts to along with a pair of khakis, cuffing the pants to show off the ankle and to pair those with boat shoes, a pair of Adidas shell toes or some Converse.


What 5 pieces (clothes, shoes, accessories, etc) are a must have for you?
My time piece (watch), eyewear, tech support (my iPhone), fingerless gloves, and a scarf.

What are some of your favorite brands and stores to shop at?
My favorite brands are the two C’s (CHANEL), the ambassador of fashion, Roberto Cavalli, and Diane Von Furstenberg. My favorite stores are H&M, Kenneth Cole, Nordstrom Racks, and Sacks Fifth Avenue.

What is your favorite fashion quote/ phrase?
Fashion can be bought, but you must possess style.


I think Bojack’s pictures are saying more than a thousand words right now! What do you think?!

See more of Bojack’s style at…
Instagram- @bojax3000
Facebook like page- Apples & Oranges

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  1. Cheers! Loving his stye! ;D

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