Celebrity Fashion Stylist: Style Bootcamp

9:35 PM

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend Celebrity Fashion Stylist J.Bolin Style Bootcamp! What an experience! I loved every part of it! It was very intimate, just enough people and space. He was very hands on with our projects and did not hold back from telling us any information about the business. This boot camp could not have come along at a better time!


My favorite segment from the boot camp would have to be when we had to pretend to pitch to a Record Label and PR company why we should work and revamp their clients. It was a challenge and I loved it! That exercise showed me that whatever you get into you better show confidence and know what you’re talking about!

I can’t give you ALL the details because I paid for it! Lol. But my advice is to you that if someone well known or very successful to you have boot camps or sessions for marketing go to them! This class was very well worth it.

Check out some pics below!

I love hearing others stories about how they got started and how they made their dreams into reality. J’s story was very inspiring and let me know just not to give up no matter what’s thrown your way, continue to work hard and it will pay off.


J.Bolin is the king of scarves! I'm glad that he now shares his scarf style at www.stylistjbolin.com!  Also be sure to check out his Instagram @jbolinstylist.


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