FYI 2015 Best Dressed Males

9:25 PM

It’s Men’s Fashion Month here at FYI. Due to life changing events, I was not able to do individual interviews with you fashionable men out there but instead I will give you my list of men who have influenced the fashion industry the past, present and future.

I still can’t believe that Michael Jackson has been gone for almost six years! We can say that he had a major influence in the industry, especially in the 80’s. Many still dress as him for Halloween or just because lol. Who ever knew that someone can make people go crazy over a red leather jacket, look good in high-water pants and penny loafers! His style is definitely one of the things that make him legendary.

Andre3000 style has evolved over the past two decades. When Andre3000 first hit the scene in Outkast in the 90’s it was urban, street gear. Moving further during the 90’s and being in a relationship with the very eccentric Erykah Badu, his style became more tribal, then he later switched it up with Outkast he became more vibrant , with furs and open trench jackets with no shirt. In present time we have a debonair, suave Andre3000! I love him in the western hats, with the fitted button down, and that gorgeous smile! 

And then there was David Beckham! His style is so effortless! He makes everyday t-shirts look like a million bucks lol. When your wife is a successful designer of course you’re going to be on your A-game. 

Kanye West is the future of fashion. His creativity is out of this world, literally… A few weeks ago Kanye premiered his new shoes Adidas Yeezy Boost at New York Fashion Week. With reviews from social media and other bloggers, the show was great and the shoes were a hit.

West recently stated in an interview that he “want people to feel like it’s OK to create and follow what their dreams are and not feel boxed in.”

We all know that Mr. West lives in no box! Wonder what’s his next fashion adventure going to be?!

Well there you have it! My 2015 most fashionable men! So, who should make the list next year?! Comment below or let me know on Instagram @fyijoycelynn 



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