Summer Obsessions

3:53 PM

Summer is on full blast right now, especially here in Texas! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and keeping cool!

This blog post I’m going to share some trendy items and styles that I’ve been obsessing over this summer!

Let’s start with the summer favorite all white! It’s so classic! If you can’t tell, my favorites are the jumpsuits and a pair of wide leg pants.

Cuff bracelets are definitely great statement pieces! It gives me such a goddess vibe! They’re trending right now so you can find at your favorite accessory store such as Forever21 and Versona.

FRINGE! My obsession over fringe hasn’t left from last summer season! From handbags, shoes, to jackets, I can never get enough of fringe!

I’ve stop counting how many sunglasses I have a long time ago! To me, sunglasses are the icing on a cake to complete a cute outfit. You can go into just about any store and find a unique pair of sun glasses, even at a low price!  

Kimono cardigans are so comfortable and chic! Many of them are the chiffon material so that you’re still able to rock them in this summer heat.

Coloured Raine cosmetics have had my full attention this summer! Their matte lip gloss in Truffle Raine is one of my fav lippies this summer and I can’t wait to purchase more! Be sure to check out more of their lipsticks and lip glosses at

Shredded jeans have been hit as well for at least the 2 past summers. I love that you can go to the extreme with it or you can have simple cuts and rips and still look bad ass!

There you have it! A quick rundown of my summer favorites! What are some of your summer obsessions?! Be sure to share them with me in the comment section below or on Instagram @fyijoycelynn!! 

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