A Make-Up Legend

8:27 AM

When you think of a legend in the cosmetics world, who do you think of? Well, I think of Mary Kay!! Who doesn't know someone who wears it, selling it, or use to sell it?! I'm proud to announce that I am a new beauty consultant for this legendary company! I joined about 2 months ago and I'm glad that I took a chance at it.

I'm going to be honest here, my intentions were just to earn some extra cash. My plan wasn't to get tied into using the products for my everyday use, but just to know what each product is and its purpose so I could sell it! That all changed when I got my starter kit and my first inventory package!! There was so much stuff and a lot of free gifts! I am really amazed at how good the Mary Kay products work.  I already have a list of favorites, which means that there will be many reviews to come in the near future!

Me with my Mary Kay Starter Kit! Cute, huh!?!

I think the misconception about Mary Kay is that most people think that it is for older women (30+). I have to disagree! The company has come out with more products that a appeal towards a younger market. 

Keep a look out for my personal Mary Kay website coming soon! And for you all who live in the East Texas and Dallas area, email me to sign up for your free facials!! :-)



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