SCANDAL:Inside the Gladiators Closet

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 If you haven’t heard of the hit T.V. show Scandal, I’m not sure what you have been doing with your LIFE! I just hopped on board about 6 months ago. I had time to catch on the first 2 seasons before the fall premier. Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope) is phenomenal and the rest of the cast play their roles very well! How many were excited to see Scandal back on this past week after a two week break!? I know that it was truly missed and I’m ready for Thursday for a new episode!


Olivia Pope has changed the look of just wearing some old pants suit, with adding pastels and showing curves. She even looks cute and comfortable sitting on her couch, sipping on her red wine waiting for Fitz to call! LOL.

 Now, I know that I am not the only who lust over Olivia’s wardrobe! I love that she is professional, classy, but still sassy! Kudos to the costume designer/stylist of the show, Lyn Paolo. Paolo stated that Kerry and Olivia are different. “Kerry is Kerry. Olivia Pope is Olivia Pope. We keep the two worlds separate,” Paolo added. “I try not to have her personal fashion impact the show’s fashion because Olivia is just a very different person than Kerry Washington. When you see Kerry on the red carpet, she’s stunning. She wears amazing colors and bright vibrants, and she’s very fashion forward. Even though Olivia wears amazing clothes, she still has to operate in Washington, and she couldn’t wear the things that Kerry Washington wears.”
In the December 2013 issue of Lucky magazine Washington explains her role as Olivia Pope and the character’s status in the fashion world. She understands that Olivia’s wardrobe is the talk of the fashion blogs and show but she mainly wants Olivia to be noticed of her character not her clothing. Well Kerry, don’t punish us, blame Lyn Paolo for making you look so FABULOUS!!

 It was so hard to choose but check out some of my favorite looks so far and some replica pieces on how to get her look!



My favorite look from the show so far would be this black and (cream) white gown by American designer Rubin Singer! 

And here are my Olivia Pope inspired jackets! I haven’t worn the white one yet, I’m waiting for that perfect winter day or special event! Both jackets are from the resale store Clothes Mentor.

You should be able to find these looks at your favorite retailers!
New York and Company
What have been some of your favorite looks so far??


Lucky Magazine

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  1. her style is absolutely AMAZING! I love when she wears the cream and off white color, is goes great on her complexion. I cant wait until it comes back on!

    Formally now! Giveaway going on now!


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