Let's get carried away... Tulle Skirt

8:07 PM

I’ve wanted a black tulle skirt for forever (at least a year)!! I could not find one within my reach or price range. So I said forget it, I will just make me one! After 2 days, 2 trips to hobby lobby, and several spools of tulle later, my skirt came to life!


Now, I know what you’re thinking… Where in the hell am I supposed to wear a skirt like this? Well… Fall is on its way and you will have plenty of festivities to play dress up at; homecomings, weddings, birthdays, banquets, Halloween, Christmas parties, and New Year’s Eve. You’re welcome!!






Outfit Details
Pearls- Icing & Body Central
CC Broach- ikravemiami.com

Because of the tulle being so sheer and the wind blowing, I wore a black pencil skirt underneath. My goal for my next tulle skirt is to sew a lining so you can’t see through it. I also wore an oversize belt on the top of the skirt to calm down the poofiness and to show my waistline.
Special thank you to Dashown of Chic Photography for my awesome photos, and Keriana Gainer for doing my make up!
Would you rock a tulle skirt!?


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  1. I really love your skirt! It's really pretty! And there are actually some tulle skirts that have a bit of lining to them so that you don't have to worry about accidentally revealing too much!

    I really like how girly and feminine tulle skirts can be! It looks even more fantastic paired with something unexpected like perhaps a plaid shirt, a studded leather jacket or for a more subtle-dramatic look, a graphic tee.

    Tragic Couturist

    1. Next time I do plan to add some edge to the skirt!! Thanks!

  2. As always you look so pretty love the skirt. I think if I wear one I look big in it I don't know why but I do think it. But seeing others in it looks very cute. Tulle skirts are cute they flatter than tutu's which I like better it to be flatter.

    1. Aww you can wear one too! Just make sure you a wide belt so it make it look like you still have a waist! And your confidence is through the roof, so I know you can rock one!!


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