Saving Those Dollars

7:10 PM

Many people think that fashion bloggers and stylists just spend all day and night shopping and wasting money, well not this girl! Of course I like looking nice and enjoy nice things but I am realistic when it comes to making purchases. I am grown and I have responsibilities, so trust my priorities are in order! This post I want to share some of my money saving secrets for shopping. You don't have to spend much for what you want!

          Know what you're looking for before you go to the store.  That way you do not buy items you don't need or really didn't want.
         Look for coupons! Sign up for emails from your favorite stores so you can be the first to know when there's a sale! There's nothing wrong with printing those coupons to save money!

Pink Tags Only!! Dillard's Sale
         It's always that one item you want buy but it's just not in your budget! Impulse purchases happen, just make sure you have those extra funds in savings  or maybe you have a side job (hustle) that you can replace that money!

If that item is just too expensive you have the option to just save for it! Give yourself a time frame so you can make that big purchase. Put back a lil from a few checks. And you never know with time passing by the item can magically become on sale! It has happens to me all the time!

           I hope this post will help someone and know that patience is also good when it comes to shopping!   


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