Outfit Of the Day: Grunge Hippie

10:06 PM

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter weekend!! It’s always great to spend quality time with family and friends!

So, guess what?! I finally got a “bloggers” camera! It seem like that was the piece that was missing to my blogger puzzle lol. Now I have this burst of energy to do more! There will be more! More outfit of the days, more themed photo shoots, and more product reviews! I just wish I didn't wait so long to get it. Well now that I have it, there is work to be done! 

 Don’t Be Basic! I came across this shirt in Target and I knew that it had to be mine! This shirt is a statement. Basic is blending in, being the same as others. I’m finally learning that it’s ok to be different! .

I wanted to go for a grunge hippie look.  It was very easily to accomplish this look  with the fringe bag and short flat boots for the vintage hippie vibe, and the statement tee with the blue jean jacket, which made up the grunge feeling.   

Check out the outfit details below!!

T-Shirt- $12.99Target
Jean Jacket- $29.99 Merona (Target)
Maxi Skirt- $27.95 Vince Camuto (Dillards)
Fringe Bag- $14.00 Clothes Mentor
Boots-$15.00 Rainbow 

I can always appreciate a nice casual outfit on a budget, can’t you?! Be sure to follow me Instagram @fyijoycelynn.


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