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OMG, I can’t tell you the last time I’ve done a product review post!  If you’ve been living under a rock, back in October Rihanna released the highly anticipated cosmetic line Fenty Beauty.I thought that I might as well join the other 1 million bloggers and vloggers that are sharing their opinions.

The rave about the foundation is that texture is great and it’s very light, which is true! But I have to be honest... I’m not a fan of the foundation (purchased 420). WHY? I have large pores and I felt like it just made them look larger. No matter what primer I used I was as oily as a glazed dinner roll by the end of the day! I know that the line carries blotting powder and a touch-up brush, but for my daily makeup (work week) routines, my goal is to minimize the products used, not to use more.

I am a fan of the matchsticks. I purchased the matchstick trio in dark, that includes a concealer, contour, and a highlight. Matchsticks bundle seemed like the better deal rather purchasing them one at a time, the trio comes in light, medium, and dark. Honestly, the suede matchstick works as a better foundation for me than the actual foundation. I use it for those mornings when I absolutely have no time for makeup and need to be out the door immediately.

Another item that I purchased was the  Fenty Glow Gloss Bomb lip gloss. I love that it’s very neutral and works for everyone. I also like that it has a large applicator for us juicy lip women lol

I may try the foundation again. After speaking with my makeup artist I picked the wrong shade! Apparently, I'm a cool undertone (yellow), not warm (red). So please know your undertones (cool, warm, or neutral), if not the ladies in Sephora may help you.

I would rate the overall line an 8. It caters to all ethnicities and I’m excited about the productivity growth in the company.

Speaking of growing, Fenty Beauty will be releasing a new red lip paint STUNNA November 23. I live for a good red lip color so I will be purchasing!

What are your thoughts? Have you been pleased with the Fenty Beauty products? Which are your favorites? Comment below or let me know on Instagram at @FYIJOYCELYNN!


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