Power Haus Fashion Show

9:50 PM

SORRY that is has been so long since I've done a post. I have either been super busy lately or a little under the weather. Anyways, I'm back!

In my last post remember I mentioned that I was attending my first fashion show as a blogger. Well that went pretty good!  It was a nice first experience. The designers were awesome and the models were on point! Shout to the make-up artist cause their make-up was BEAT! lol

I'm glad that I purchased VIP tickets for the show. It was nice to sit down and watch it and enjoy a couple of drinks!


I think my favorite part was being able to speak with the designers after the show. For me this was a new challenge for me because believe or not, I am a very shy person. But the designers were super nice and very interactive!

Sooo, I think these first few fashion shows that I attend are going to be trail and error for me. The first thing that I've learned from this one is to try to get a press badge. It was so difficult to take pics of the models with them walking so fast using a cell phone camera. Not fun! With a press badge I will be able to bring my "good" camera and get close seats by the runway.
The second thing that I've learned was that it is OK to be overdressed! This is a good time to play dress up! I wish that I could have pushed a little harder in the wardrobe department. I am just a simple girl though. But one of my goals this year is to go outside the box.
The third and last thing that I've learned from this show is to do your research of the designers that are in the show BEFORE the show! I don't think it is a good look when you can't remember their name or whose segment was whose!
Once again, this was an awesome experience! Next stop, Houston, for the Spring  Fashion Showcase hosted by Malaysia Pargo from Basketball Wives LA! Can't wait!  


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