The Art of Thrifting

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Shopping at thrift stores became popular sometime last year. People were starting to realize that you can get the same items, if not better, from thrift stores and resale shops. I really enjoy it! It’s also a good way to buy items that you know that no one else will have.

For this post I decided to call on who I feel is an expert in thrifting. And that is Vivian Oteka White from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m impressed by how she takes different pieces and make them her own. Now, here she is to tell you all how to have a good thrifting experience!

When you go into a thrift shop do you know what you’re looking for, or is it more like a treasure hunt?
Usually no, I don’t know what I’m looking for its more like a treasure hunt. But I prepare myself by looking through fashion magazines such as vogue style and cosmos constantly and consistently & cut out pictures off what I like so when I go thrifting I have a vision off what to look for.

 What are some of the misconceptions that people make when it comes to vintage shopping?
That the clothing are old & out off date and not new…which is very untrue I buy things with price tags on them constantly that are up to date & high fashion pieces that you would see on the runway.

What has been the most treasurable item you have found so far?
I would have to say my true religion jeans. I paid 5$ for that retailed for 400$.

As far as budget, do you have one?
Yes it’s usually no more than 4o$ for each trip.

When you go on your thrift sprees does anyone accompany you, or is it something that you prefer to do alone?
Usually the whole family comes along but my husband tends to the kids since he knows this is my passion.

What are some tips that you can give the viewers on how to find some nice/valuable items?
To buy what you absolutely love and stay true to who you are. Plan your trips out before going thrifting. Do a review of your closet see which outfit needs to be completed and take note off what you need. Once you do that make a thrift book off items you expect to find when going thrifting. It’s like making a grocery list before going shopping.

Thank you Vivian for giving us more insight on thrift/ vintage shopping!
 Want to follow Ms. Vivian on her thrift journeys!? Find her on...

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