FYI Hair Diaries: Length Check!!

7:34 PM

Good evening everyone!! I hope you all are doing well! I'm here to give you a quick hair update!! When I took out my Virgin Brazilian hair there was definitely some hair growth!  It was about a six month stretch between this relaxer and my last one. I have not decided when I will get my next relaxer yet, but it is no time soon!

January 2013

May 2013
Remember I made a goal to have at least 2 inches by May?  Well, I believe I met my goal! My next goal is to have at least 2 more inches by the end of summer.

At this very moment I do have a weave. I know what you're thinking!! For what, right? Well, for the cake day I wanted some swing action, so I had my sissy to sew in a few tracks of my "usual". Don't know what my "usual" is?? Check out my previous post here!!

 My cell phone is out of commission right now, so I do not have any pics to post from my birthday gathering. (Insert sad face here!) But, here are a couple pics from my birthday weekend of what I wore!


Outfit Details
Shirt- My Boyfriend's closet! lol
Shorts- JCPenny's
Shoes- Sperry Top Siders
Bag- Steve Madden (Marshall's)
Sunnies- F21

Outfit Details
Top- H&M (Beyonce Collection)
Maxi Skirt- Wetseal
Sandals- Wetseal
Bag- Steven Madden

I will not have this hair in longer than 3 weeks. I have made plans to wear my real hair for most of the summer and to get some box braids in July. My mind is always changing, so no telling what I will have next!

Next week I will do a hair post on how I plan to maintain the length and thickness of my hair!
Good Day People!!


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