FYI The Weekender: "How to Love" The Play

12:28 AM

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a great week so far! This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to the stage play “How to Love” written by Demarcus Bailey, staring Willie Taylor from Day26 and Latavia Roberson, original member from Destiny’s Child.

I went to the rehearsal the night before the actual performance and I thought that was good, but when it came to the real performance, the play was awesome! I’m not just saying that because the writer of the play is a Tyler native, or because he knows my family personally, but the play was really good! You had your happy moments, your sad moments, you had your characters that kept you laughing throughout the play and that character that you could relate to. The cast was great and their voices are amazing!


Demarcus says “What Inspired me to write was a good friend of mine was dating a girl in high school and she died I'm a car wreck, and I watched how he loved her, and I always wondered how did he learn to love again. This is a story about a couple who actually loved each other, and not only in relationships, it may be things that make it hard to move on, but sometimes you just have to release and let go!!!!”He wants the audience to “take the mindset out of urban theater, because you always see a man doing a woman wrong and how she feels, that’s not how I want to betray our community.”
Demarcus’ next production “Not My Family” will be in Tyler, TX, December 21st. According to social media, LaTavia Roberson will be staring in this play also. Congrats to Demarcus on his success, I know there is more to come!
 The play writer Demarcus and my sister Alicia

 Latavia and I

Willie Taylor and I


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  1. thats awesome. i have new found respect for plays, i recently went and saw the color purple pay and it was amazing! definitely will be going to more in the near future.


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