The Fresh and The Fabulous Fall Fashion Mixer

9:19 PM

I am proud to announce The Fresh and the Fabulous Fall Fashion Mixer! This is a celebration of the blog’s one year anniversary. I wanted to create a networking event for East Texas for those who have to travel Dallas and Houston for Fashion events. There will be designers, well known hairstylists, makeup artists, photographers, and wardrobe stylists!

 I’m excited to present my special guest Phill Wade! He will be along the side of me guest hosting and mingling with crowd. If you haven’t heard of him or seen any of his videos, please check out his bio and watch the videos below! This guy is really talented!

 PHILL WADE can best be described as an extraordinary entertainer.  He’s a comedic mastermind with incredible improv skills whose brought laughs galore and so much more to millions of people all over the world.  Based in Houston and wildly popular from his first YouTube viral hit, “Trey Songz Impersonation,” Phill Wade has released a series of videos including “Rick Ross Rev. Rozay B.M.F. Gospel Remix,” “Ray Charles Impersonation,” “Hattie Mae Wade Church Hymns,” and many more which have expanded his fan base to include entertainment lovers everywhere as well as celebrity musicians, actors, and professional athletes.  He has appeared on and and was counted amongst the Top 10 Viral Videos of 2010.  He’s also on fire in the world of social media with over 30K twitter followers, millions of YouTube viewers, and the maximum number of Facebook friends.

Phill’s talent extends far beyond the comedy arena though as he has been making great strides and attracting attention in the music and fashion worlds.  His hit song, “Party Line,” has been blazing trails on iTunes and is the hot, new dance that’s creating buzz and excitement on dance floors everywhere.  He applies creativity, authenticity and innovation to his music and is by far one of the best hit makers and improv song developers in the industry.  He has opened for music artists such as Wale, Avant, Tank, Mario, etc. as Phill’s amazing vocal stylings coupled with his natural ability to entertain crowds add to the ultimate audience experience at any and all shows where he is performing.  

From his iconic flat high top, tapered sides and shag to the colorful shoes on his feet, Phill has a unique sense of style that can’t help but turn heads.  Whether he is styled in one of his brilliant bowties or taking it easy in his Flex on the Devil t-shirt, Phill Wade is a fashion trendsetter.  Coined from one of his improv YouTube videos (Rev. Rick Rozay), Phill has inspired a movement charging himself and others to believe in themselves, trust God, and FLEX ON THE DEVIL.  From breast cancer survivors to church groups to community and social organizations, Phill continues to encourage people everywhere to join together and proclaim victory over the devil and his tactics to kill dreams. 

I hope to see you at the mixer!!



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