Inspired Chanel Phone Case

10:59 PM

My inspired Chanel phone case catches all kinds of stares and compliments!  I must say, it is a different piece of eye candy! I purchased it about a month ago from I’ve had my eye on this case for awhile. Before the only ones that were available were for iphones. So when Fancy Kouture posted that she was taking pre orders for the galaxy S4 I had to purchase!

Take a look at some of the other cases available.




The Pros and Cons…

·         Super cute!

·         Option to wear it like a purse.

·         No one in my area has one like it! (I’m guessing!)

     ·         A piece of it fell off the first week.
·         A little pricey for a cell phone accessory

·         Paint peeling (small)

 Overall I would rate this item a 7. I would recommend this case to someone who doesn’t throw their phone around, and who do not have small children. This case is really just for show. Perfect for going out or when you’re feeling fancy! ;-)




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