Cross My Heart

4:42 PM

I sense that these cross earrings have been out sometime. Well I finally got me a pair! I fell in love with them when I seen them on K. Michelle at the Love and Hip hop reunion.


I ordered mine from They were on sale for $11.50, with shipping and handling I believe I paid a little over $17.00.


The Review
I have to be honest here! While unwrapping the package, one of the stones fell out the earrings. I’m giving the company the benefit of the doubt because it was shipped and packages are probably thrown most of the time. I had no problem placing the stone back in. Just a little super glue did the trick!

The earrings are not as heavy as I thought they would be. They are pretty long though. I’m guessing that they’re about 4 ½ inches. I like these types of earrings so they are a 10 in my book!

I think the earrings are super cute and can add some hottness to any outfit! All-star weekend is coming up in exactly a month and these will be a great choice with one of my outfits! had some other nice accessories on their website. Check them out!


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