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6:44 PM

Rihanna's hair! It's grey? My guess is that when you have money and you get bored, you can do whatever the hell you want! That's the vibe that I get from her! lol Me, personally, I like it on her! I think to keep her looking young with this hair color, she is to wear make-up at all times! lol. I feel like the hair can  make her look decades older if she doesn't wear any make-up.


This is my deal... Rihanna is definitely a trendsetter and a lot of young women look up to her for style inspiration. Why do I feel like there are going to a lot more grey heads in a couple of weeks?! lol.

Well, you know my saying... If you have the confidence to wear it, then wear it!!

Shout out to the people whose hair is NATURALLY grey! ;-)

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  1. I love her hair! I was actually thinking of installing a grey weave myself last week!

    1. Cool!! Make sure you do a blog post on it. I would love to see it!


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