Dinner For Winners Houston

10:41 AM

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a good weekend! Last night I attended the Dinner For Winners event, hosted by Celebrity Stylist and serial entrepreneur Olori Swank!

Olori is used to getting a swamp of emails and DMs asking her the ‘how to’s” of entrepreneurship. Her purpose for the Dinner for Winners was to allow entrepreneurs a chance to ask her questions and to create networking opportunities.

Once we were able to get into the venue, we were greeted with a glass of wine and the best decor I’ve ever seen at an event! Very good quality work!
I love that she tried to make us comfortable as possible! Nothing makes the mood better than trap music from your favorite rap artists like Future and the Migos! LOL

Olori was dropping all kinds of gems (knowledge) last night! One question that was asked was each market is oversaturated, how are you able to maintain and focus without looking at the competition? “Well, if you’re looking at your competition you’ve already failed! You don’t drive looking into the rearview mirror! The windshield is your dreams and you have to focus. The only time that you need to look in the rearview mirror is when you’re switching lanes.” What she meant by switching lanes is if you change avenues, then it’s ok to glance out the competition just to see how people are working.

There were many questions on how to get started on a business and where to find wholesalers, she had the same answer for each question…. GOOGLE! She states that 99% of what she knows about how to run a business, what to charge, and how to market, has come from Google. Google is the best FREE resource that you have!

The next most asked question was how to get celebrity clients? (This is where it got real! LOL) “To be honest with you all if you are wanting to work with celebrities because you think that they are going to pay you more, you’re wrong! Most of the time they are getting clothes and services for free, or they’re paid to wear certain clothes.” Why would they pay for a service or clothes when there are people who are out there willing to do it for free? She’s not saying that it can’t be done as far as getting a celebrity client. It’s just harder to keep celebrities as clients with so many people willing to do work for free.

Another event for the books! Be sure to follow Olori Swank on Instagram @oloriswank and check out her book 101: The Blueprint for a SWANK Life. She goes more into depth about she got started as a wardrobe stylist, how she accidently got blue hair, her workout routines, and much more!

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