Styling My Senegalese Twist

5:59 PM

I absolutely love this hairstyle! Not only can I style them in so many different ways but it also saves me some time from doing my hair in the A.M.!! This was my first time getting these and trust it won't be my last! I love pinning it up on the sides or wearing a high bun (whenever it doesn't look lop sided! ; ) And also it is such a great style when it comes to working out! I do not have to worry about sweating my hair out or suffer straightening it the next day. I have had them up for about a month now so I will be taking them down soon but I will try them again in the near future.

My advice is to make sure that you have plenty bags of hair! I used the 100% kanekalon hair (regular braiding hair). I should have bought at least 6 bags cause I had ended up running out of hair. Luckily my friend that was doing my hair had some extra! Get more bags than what you will need just to be on the safe side, and its always good if you have left overs.

For mantainence I recommend gel, especially for when the edges start becoming unruly. You can also use conditioning sprays for braids and twists. I sometimes use BioSilk or oil sheen if I want that glossy look because after while the shine in the hair tends to fade and can look really dry. As for going to sleep I put it in a ponytail or high bun and wrap with a silk scarf, although my scarf is NEVER on my head when I wake up! Smh

If you you have this hairstyle and you want to try more up-do styles be sure to check out YouTube. There are some amazing ladies who have tutorials on how to do more creative styles.

 Here is my favorite senegalese video on YouTube by debrachosentv. Be sure to check out her simple but oh so cute senegalese twist styles!


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