Check the Date!

9:29 PM

Ladies (and you too gents!), have you ever used your face wash, moisturizer, hair products, and make-up and noticed that it just doesn’t work like it use to?! That face wash just doesn’t make you face feel refreshed anymore, or that hair product just doesn’t make your hair shine and shake like it use to?! Well maybe you should look somewhere on that product and check the expiration date!

Last week I was intending to use one of my hair products I haven’t use in quite some time and came across an expiration date on it. The date was 01-11…. Ewww, disgusting! That’s almost 2 years ago! This definitely made me do some fall cleaning in my beauty department.
I also did a little research on when to get rid of beauty products. Most beauty products are designed to stay fresh for only a certain time period anyway. Please be aware of particles separating in the product (especially make-up/ foundation). This is one definite sign that is that time to throw it away!

Being a girl we tend to accumulate make-up over time. We have to be cautious because over time bacteria builds up also.

Here are some tips and time frames to help you keep an eye on what is in your make-up bags and bathroom cabinets!
·         Be sure to sharpen your lip/ eye pencils before every use. This will also allow longer use for your pencils.

·         Shake well your foundation before use.

·         Periodically wipe your lip gloss tops and containers with alcohol. This will help fight the bacteria, especially if you apply with your fingers.

Face creams- 1 year
Foundation- 1 year
Mascara- 3 months

Powders- 18 months
Nail Polish-1 year

Lipstick/ lip gloss- 18 months

Liquid eyeliner- 6 months

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