The Loafer

6:38 PM

I use to think that this shoe was made for a papa or a person over the age of forty. But I must say that designers have up their game on this shoe style! This is one of the hottest shoes of the season! Not only are they cute but they are quite comfy! These shoes come in so many different prints, colors, studs, and rhinestones so that you will have to purchase more than one pair!

 They’re the cutest shoes that can dress up your outfit for the office, especially if you’re not into wearing heels for the day, or the perfect shoe for a weekend day of shopping!

My suggested outfit is that you pair it with some denim skinny jeans, a printed tank, throw on a blazer, and head out!
You can purchase these shoes at most shoe stores and some clothing stores but I prefer the selection at department stores such as Dillard’s and Macy’s.

Make sure you add this shoe into your shoe collection this season! Good Day!


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