Let's Talk HAIR!

6:54 PM

Hair can be such a touchy topic now!! Especially the different views about being natural or relaxed. I always get questions about my hair, weave hair, and opinions on celebs hair. So here on the blog I do plan to answer questions and talk about my hair routines, what I use, what type of hair brands are out there and celebrity hairstyles.
Yes, I am relaxed. I have been getting relaxers probably since age 6. I do not get them as often. I get about 4 relaxers out of the year. My hair length is just right above APL (Arm Pit Length), but my goal is to reach BSL ( Bra Strap Length). I haven't thought of a time frame of when I want to reach my goal yet but I will definitely let you all know!
Like any other girl I do like to try different hairstyles (Nothing too drastic tho!). I do wear weaves(who doesn't wear it these days 0_o ), wigs, and any other extensions! lol  I also like to use hair accessories, such as headbands and scarves.
I will try to do hair updates at least every two weeks or when my hairstyle has changed! If you have any questions please leave a comment or feel free to email me!

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