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This strike a pose moment goes to Milton Arteaga... This aspiring model/actor will definitely be seen on T.V. screens and magazines in the near future!

 Two years ago this young man began a journey of turning his life around. Being overweight, Milton decided to change his diet and workout. Let’s just say that it worked out for the best!
He began to first receive compliments from his family members on how great he looks, then compliments were coming from random people. This implanted the thought that he should put them to use... A model was then born.

Since then, Milton has had a few modeling gigs and won a few rewards at the Passport To Discovery. His awards were Best Overall: Commercial, Monologue, Cold Read, and Runway.
What keeps Milton moving forward is his mom’s support. He believes in having a good support system to keep you motivated and humble. Thinking negative is not an option for Mr. Arteaga. He believes that positive thinking will help you reach your goals. He also enjoys reading on other success stories because not everyone has the same journey.

Here are some quotes that strive him to follow his dreams.
“ In life, there are no fall back plans, no plan B or C. There is just the light at the end of the tunnel that lets you know, you have achieved your goal.”

"If you succumb to your fears, your doubts, or despair, you will never know what it would have been like to make it to the end and Triumph."

Milton  is a dear friend of mine and I have to say that I really admire his ambition and confidence. I too, believe that Milton just has “that” look for television and magazines. I know that he is going to do great and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him! Good Luck Milton!

You can follow Milton Arteaga on...

Instagram @mil_art



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