Hair Update!

12:12 AM

Hey everyone! Just one more day of the work week then cheers to the freakin weekend!! I hope everyone had a good week!

I'm here to give you a quick hair update! At the moment I do have a few peices sewn in. I have had it up for 3 weeks now and I will be taking my hair down tomorrow. Hopefully there has been some growth! Between now and mid May I want an 1in and a half or more growth.

This picture above was taken sometime in January. I will do another length check probably mid March.

At the moment I do not have a relaxer. My last one was in October I think?? I am going to wait until it gets closer to my birthday ( May 27th ) to get another one. Until then, I'm going to continue to get weaves, wear a couple of wigs, and get my seneglease twist again.

I have been looking into getting me some virgin hair, finally! I have found a few hair companies  I wouldn't mind purchasing some hair from. I'm really looking into getting to brazilian straight. I want that option to curl it if I want but I would want to mostly wear it striaght. I do want to purchase bundle deals ( 3 or more ). I have to have that fullness when I get extensions! Nothing makes more more angry than seeing a young lady with a skimpy weave!! I'm going to put some links below just in case you all need some help also!

I love the ombre' trend that is in right now! There is a young lady that I follow on youtube who did an amazing job on her hair! She ombre' her hair blue and it doesn't look ghetto at all! Considering my place of employment I don't think the blue is going to be a good look but I would definitely try it with with another color.

Check out Peakmill as she ombre' her virgin hair! It has a little too many steps for me sooo, I might just get mine professionally done! Enjoy!


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  1. Hey! My Hair wasn't originally supposed to be in this ombre' category but since my color is growing off that is what is happening! Lol Thanks for giving me the actual name for the style!


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